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About Consultant

This Contract for Preparation of National Seismic Risk Mitigation Programme (NSRMP) was awarded to M/s DDF-AKDN JV (a joint venture between DDF Consultants Private Limited (DDF) and Aga Khan Agency for Habitat India (AKDN).

DDF Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1997 The firm has experience in Disaster Risk Reduction  which reflects in number of projects related with vulnerability assessment,condition   assessment,retrofitting, upgradation  of  various  types  of  educational  and  health  buildings  in  India  and  abroad.  The firm has developed the tools and guidelines for Disaster Risk Reduction planning.  Beside  this  the  firm has  vide  experience  in  developing  Master  Plans, zonal   Plans, and Development Plans etc.in which disaster management planning and guidance for   implementing various bye laws,rules,acts, regulations,Indian  standards etc. are made integral   part.  Sensitization and  public   awareness programs,  public  participation  meetings have been  organized  several  times  in  number of  Planning Projects including  Smart city Planning.

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Emphasis in strengthen civil society and government by promoting gender equality and pluralism, poverty alleviation, volunteerism in more than 33 countries. Aga Khan Agency for Habitat,a network agency,addresses the increasing threat posed by natural disasters and climate change, and it works to ensure that poor people live in physical    settings that are as safe as possible from the effects of natural disasters; that residents who do  live in high-risk areas are able to cope with disasters in terms of preparedness and response; and   that these settings provide access to social and financial services that lead to greater opportunity and  a better quality of life

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