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Component – A

Component A-1: Earthquake Early Warning Dissemination System (EEWDS)

This component will focus on:

    1. Design/Development of Earthquake Early Warning Dissemination System (EWDS) based on latest technology, allowing people and systems to take actions to protect lives and property and also to alert the Emergency Response System.
      • Under this component, Consultant is required to recommend Technology Option consisting of detailed design of early detection of earthquake, alert creation and dissemination to the community to reduce loss of life and property. Integration with already existing national network is to be designed/suggested, taking in to account compatibility issues, wherever possible.

Component A-2: Enhancing Emergency Response Capacity

The objective of this component is to enhance the emergency response capacity of local Governments and other agencies involved in disaster response in highly earthquake hazard prone areas.

Relevant/ available data from the Govt. agencies/ Depts. will be provided to the Consultant on request. For this purpose, the Consultant will have to co-ordinate with the concerned Govt. agency/ Depts. for obtaining data in the required format. NDMA will be facilitating procurement of data from Govt. sources.

This component will focus on:

  1. Upgrading existing and providing additional search and rescue equipment for: State Disaster Response Forces, Fire & Emergency Services and other emergency/first responders.
    • Consultant is expected to suggest the latest list of Search & Rescue equipment taking into account the existing inventory and the required ones in addition.
  2. Training and capacity building programme for emergency/first responders.
    • A manual for training and capacity building is required to be prepared by the Consultant.
  3. Augment the disaster risk management capacities of the communities.

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