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Component – C

Component C-Technical Assistance to improve Disaster Risk Reduction/ Management with Emphasis on Earthquake Risk

The objective of this component is to improve the capacity of States to manage the risks associated with their risk profile. It would include development of a policy and platform to share and use information for risk management, detailed vulnerability assessment, setting up of accreditation programmes for engineers, architects, mason and construction workers etc.

Activities proposed under this component could include:

  1. Preparing a model bill for National Council of Professional Engineers (NCPE) by Studying the existing materials/draft Bill from the perspective of seismic risk mitigation/ disaster risk reduction and providing inputs/suggestions for incorporation in the draft Bill.
  2. Strengthening/ Establishing Seismic research and development program across country including setting up a centre of excellence.
  3. Curriculum revision for introduction of Earthquake Engineering topics in Engineering, and Architecture education.
  4. Formulation and implementation of Techno-legal Regime for structural design reviews, implementation monitoring and licensing of professionals.
  5. Documenting, improving and encouraging Traditional Earthquake Resistant Construction.
    • {For activities listed from b to e above, Consultant will undertake an assessment of the current status of the proposed activities, document the key findings of assessment (including key challenges and gaps, role of key institutions, entry points for implementation) both at National and State level. Based on the analysis, Consultant will further create a set of document for each activity which will include but not limited to defining the scope, concept, approach and defining the steps for implementation, preparing ToRs for Consulting Services, developing relevant Procurement Documents, Work Plan etc. for implementation of these activities.}
  6. Development of large scale standardized information, education and communication (IEC) material including audio-visual and print materials from existing materials and preparation of new material wherever not available for sensitization programmes of communities.
  7. Preparing ToRs for Consulting Services for formulation of training modules after assessing the existing modules available, if any, for training and capacity building of engineers, architects, masons, State & Municipal bodies; and suggesting approach/modalities for implementation.

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