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Component – D

Component D- Project Management & Monitoring

This component will include program implementation, monitoring and evaluations, staff capacity building and training including preparation of requisite training materials,; preparation of project manuals, design, documentation, quality monitoring, project management support (including environment and social monitoring) to the participating States and the PMU, NDMA.

The topics covered under this head will involve Procurement Management, Financial Management, Environment & Social Management followed by developing a Management Information System.

Procurement Management will be carried out by developing Procurement Manual in line with the Procurement Regulations 2016 of World Bank including Project Procurement Strategy for Development (PPSD) as per World Bank Guidelines. Training and support to implement the procurement functions at national and state level shall be imparted. Technical / capacity building assistance for implementing the project will be given to the Project Implementing Units (PIU) to finalise the procurement documents.

Financial Management includes designing financial management system and flow of funds. Consultant will frame detail monitoring and reporting mechanism and auditing requirements. The Financial management System will be integrated with the MIS of the entire project. An overall investment plan shall be prepared by developing a financial management manual and providing training and support to implementing units of Financial Management functions.

Environment & Social Management framework shall be prepared and Environment & Social Assessment (ESA) for sub-projects identified for investment under the proposed project made will be conducted. Environment & Social Plans shall be made for these sub-projects after consulting the participation of key stakeholders in formulation of plans and designs, including systematic documentation of the same. Further key / summary documents shall be translated into the local vernacular and communication and dissemination system strategy devised. Training material shall be prepared and imparted to Project Management Unit (PMU), NDMA and Nodal Officer of each state including concerned line departments on application and implementation of environment and social management instruments. Training on each manual in each state for 02 days and 01 day at PMU, NDMA shall be done. The same shall be integrated appropriately in the Procurement Plan and operations manual.

Management Information System (MIS) shall be incorporated by designing internet based MIS system / software and mobile application based on an open source platform for the project after duly consulting with experts (Procurement Specialist, Financial Management Specialist, Project Management Specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Safeguards Specialist, etc.). Consultant will propose specification and configurations of the hardware that will be required for the efficient functioning of the MIS software. Training modules and imparting training on each manual for 02 days to Officials of all state and for 01 day to officials of PMU, NDMA shall be conducted by the Consultant. Technical specifications and procurement documents for MIS hardware / software shall be prepared and submitted.

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